26 thoughts on “The all new BBC music site where programmes meet music and the semantic web

  1. Your right, the Wikipedia updating method is pretty neat – but is there any mechanism to stop me editing Wikipedia to say “Madonna Sucks” and having it appear all over the BBC as well?

  2. @Ed – yes we have plans to visualise the number of plays over time. We will also, on /programmes, provide charts (based on play out) by programme brand, network, BBC radio etc.

    @Ollie – We can pull stop publishing wikipedia content if we need to. But Wikipedia have pretty efficient mechanisms to prevent vandalism.

  3. Looking good!

    I guess this can then feed into personalisation by allowing users to track their favourite artists – perhaps even including BBC news articles about the bands (or grab from NME etc.)

    Not sure about the ‘Appears On’, ‘Related Artists’ sections – for Bloc Party, the latter was just the individual members of the band, rather than ‘if you like them, you’ll like this..’ type thing.

    Perhaps their should be a ‘band members’ section which would be where the individual autobiographical sections would stand – and then the ‘related artists’ can concentrate on recommendations, or, if a band member has released solo work, they’ll have a page as well.

    I guess ‘Appears On’ would cover if a band (and/or band member?) has collaborated on another artist’s track (e.g. Sting on Dire Straits’ ‘Money For Nothing’)


    Anyway, good work, looking forward to how it develops!

  4. @Paul : Yes that’s the join to users on the graph – the idea is to allow people to become a fan of an artist etc.

    The label for the “Related Artists” section is tricky. For Bloc Party because they haven’t collaborated with anyone the only relationship is with the members. But if you have a look at say Elton John http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/b83bc61f-8451-4a5d-8b8e-7e9ed295e822 then you get collaborations and personal relationships. And if band members have a separate solo career then there are already pages e.g. Chris Martin http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/artists/98d1ec5a-dd97-4c0b-9c83-7928aac89bca

    We also have plans to recommend ‘similar’ artists.

    @KL : we think it is necessary yes – the short answer is that artist names aren’t unambiguous. For example just look at how many ‘Mono’ there are http://musicbrainz.org/search/textsearch.html?query=mono&type=artist&limit=&handlearguments=1. For a longer answer have a read of Michael’s recent post on the Radio Labs blog : http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/radiolabs/2008/06/the_simple_joys_of_webscale_id.shtml

  5. Looks like you’re laying the foundations of something brillliant. Any plans for Last.fm integration?

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