More sweet, sweet programme data

One for the Linked Data community this one – you can now get your BBC programme data as RDF and the current and next three programmes, per service, as plain text, XML, JSON or YAML.

The web" by danbri. Used under license.
"How it works: The web" by danbri. Used under license.

Last May, at XTech, Nick and I gave a paper outlining our work to make data available for other development teams, outside the BBC, to use. At the time we didn’t have the RDF views launched – since then we’ve launched RDF for the new artist pages and today for programmes.

As usual all you need to do is add .rdf to the end of a URL for a brand, series, episode or version. For example:

There are also XML, JSON, YAML, and text views for schedule “upcoming” URLs:

Of course that’s still not as many triples as Yves published (congratulations!) but I hope you enjoy it none the less.