About me

What I do

I design and manage products – that means I look at emerging technologies and then combine that information with an understanding of the kinds of things that people want to do or find fun or are useful; from these combinations and through iterative development I work with designers, software engineers and editorial folk to build digital products and services.

I’m currently Head of Digital Engagement at Wellcome Trust, responsible for all things digital at Wellcome Collection, Library and Images.

Previously I was Director of Product Management at Nature Publishing Group, responsible for product management, user experience & design, user data and content enrichment across Macmillan Science and Scholarly’s digital products and the Interactive Lead for the BBC’s online natural history output, including Earth News, Nature UK and Wildlife Finder. I was responsible for the editorial, design and technical development of these projects.

And prior to that I worked at the Future Media and Technology bit of the BBC’s audio and music department where I managed a team of Project Managers and was the Product Manager for the BBC’s comprehensive programme support – a page for every BBC programme (bbc.co.uk/programmes), Music Discovery project – a page for every artist the BBC plays (bbc.co.uk/music/artists) and their underlying technology. The Guardian wrote an article on my work while I was at FM&T for A&M.

If you want more you could look at my LinkedIn profile.



I’m married to Susie and live in London with our son Felix and daughter Hattie.

This blog

Derivadow is my personal blog, where I ramble about my thoughts and observations on the subjects that I find interesting. Needless to say all the opinions expressed here are my personal views or shamelessly borrowed from others; they are never those of my employer.

Why derivadow?

Derivadow is Cornish for ‘information’ – I started using it as a username years ago and when I started this blog it seemed the sensible thing to use.

But why did I pick it? Well my family (on my Mum’s side) are Cornish and I needed a unique tag so I started looking for Cornish words thinking that they wouldn’t be that popular on the Web but would mean something to me, I ended up with derivadow.

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