I’ve spoken at a number of conferences, meet-ups, seminars and the like over the past few years and contributed to a handful of papers. I tend to talk about my work and in particular Linked Data and designing the Web.

I’ve put some of my slides up on slideshare and linked to blog posts, where available, below.


Scientific Publishing – becoming digitally native
September 2012 (Oxford, England)
XML Summer School

Publishing natural history metadata
September 2011 (Berlin, Germany)
Media 3.0 – Innovation Technologies in Practice for TV, print and Internet.

Publishing BBC metadata the Webby way
May 2011 (Canberra, Australia)
Institute of Metadata Management keynote
[Slides .pdf]

Using Linked Data to describe the natural world
February 2011 (Cambridge, UK)
Semantic technologies seminar, European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)

Using Linked Data to describe the natural world
January 2011 (Oslo, Norway)
Days of knowledge organisation, Oslo University College

Linking Data the Webby way
October 2010 (Lisbon, Portugal)
European Engineering and Knowledge Management (EKAW) 2010

Making BBC Programmes Discoverable
September 2010 (Berlin, Germany)Media 3.0 – Innovation Technologies in Practice for TV, print and Internet.

Building a navigable Web space
September 2010 (Berlin, Germany)
Data Journalism Meet-up, Berlin

Domain Driven Design at the BBC
June 2010 (London, UK)
DDD User Group (Skills Matter)
[Slides .pdf]

Media meets Semantic Web — How the BBC uses DBpedia and Linked Data to make connections
June 2010 (Heraklion, Greece)
European Semantic Web Conference (co-authored paper, didn’t present).

Apis and APIs, a wildlife ontology
March 2010 (London, UK)
Second London Linked Data meet-up
[blog post]

Building coherence at
December 2009 (London, UK)
Online Information Conference

BBC programmes and their reuse
September 2009 (London, UK)
First Linked Data meet-up London

Building Coherence at the BBC
June 2009 (London, UK)
International Society for Knowledge Organisation (ISKO)

Linking to the LOD cloud
March 2009 (London, UK)
Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon) 2009
[blog post]

What does the history of the Web tell us about it’s future?
March 2009 (London, UK)
BBC Multiplatform Departmental

Making computers human literate
March 2009 (CERN, Genève)
The 20th birthday celebrations of the Web “WWW@20”
[blog post]

Permanent IDs or making good Web 2.0 citizens
November 2008 (London, UK)
BBC radio seminar
[blog post]

BBC Music : going native on the Web/strong>
October 2008 (London, UK)
BBC Audio and Music departmental

The programmes ontology
May 2008 (Dublin, Ireland)
[blog post]

Social Graph Foo Camp
February 2008
O’Reilly’s Campus in Sebastopol, CA

publications and interviews

The State of Product Management 2010 [pdf]
BBC Academy report by Nic Newman

Linking Enterprise Data
Springer; 1st Edition. edition (November 25, 2010)
ISBN: 978-1441976642

Media meets Semantic Web — How the BBC uses DBpedia and Linked Data to make connections [pdf]
European Semantic Web Conference

Case Study: Use of Semantic Web Technologies on the BBC Web Sites
W3C Semantic Web Use Cases and Case Studies

Traversing the Giant Global Graph
PwC Technology Forecast

Building coherence at [pdf]

How to help the network effect
Ariel, BBC

BBC builders: Tom Scott

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