Helping machines play with programmes – XTech presentation

Here are the slides from my recent presentation at XTech on our work on the BBC Programmes Ontology.

I’ve also written a post over at the BBC’s Radio Lab blog about the machine readable serializations to represent the concepts described within the ontology.

We have been following the Linked Data approach – namely thinking of URIs as more than just locations for documents. Instead using them to identify anything, from a particular person to a particular programme. These resources in-turn have representations, which can be machine-processable (through the use of RDF, Microformats, RDFa, etc.), and these representations can hold links towards further web resources, allowing agents to jump from one dataset to another.


There are also details about how to get your hands on XML, JSON and YAML serializations of the schedule views and RDF serializations of the objects (episode, series and programme brand).

We would really welcome feedback on what we’ve done – especially the RDF views which are still in development.

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