Links for 2008.01.15

» QR-Code enhanced scarf [via cookin’/relaxin]
Geeky clothing adverts for website. QR codes are ‘physical hyperlinks’ – take a photo of the matrix code with phone and visit the webpage.

» More info on those QR Code
Pictographic representaitons of URLs.

» QR-Code Generator | QR-Code
Get your own QR codes here.

» Jonathan Ive’s passion for simplicity and honest design is rooted in the work of Dieter Ram [gizmodo via blackbeltjones]
His passion for “simplicity” and “honest design” is at the core of Dieter Rams’ 10 principles for good design. Both designers shape their products around the function with no artificial design, keeping the design honest.

» Looking increasingly likely that the UK government will repeal the law against blasphemy [davblog]
“Following a debate the Justice Minister, said that the government had “every sympathy for the case for formal abolition” and that, subject to a “short and sharp” consultation with the Anglican church, they intended to table their own abolition amendment.

Links for 2007.12.27

» The Archbishop of Wales has said “virulent, almost irrational” attacks on religion were “dangerous” because they refused to allow any contrary viewpoint.

Not sure I can see how the willingness to test your ideas and reject those that don’t stand-up can be thought of as irrational fundamentalism. Indeed the problem I have is the blind acceptance and indoctrination of children with myths and legends.

» And by the way, Dr Morgan (Archbishop of Wales), the ‘Winterval’ meme isn’t true either

Winterval ran from November to January in ’97 and ’98 and was a promotional campaign to drive business into Birmingham’s town centre. During the christmas period, there were Merry Christmas banners, Christmas lights, Christmas trees and carol-singing.

» The Church of the Non-Believers

“You might say that because science can explain just about everything but not quite, it is wrong to say we don’t need God. It’s also, I suppose, wrong to say we don’t need the Flying Spaghetti Monster.” (Dawkins)