A science ontology version 2

Michael, Silver, Paul and myself have had another go at a science ontology. We’ve tried to take onboard the comments from the previous version – many thanks to those that commented.

Simple ontology to model the scientific process
Second attempt at a science ontology

A few things worth highlighting: Continue reading “A science ontology version 2”

Science ontology

Michael and I did a bit of domain modelling this afternoon – below is our first attempt at a science domain model. It’s almost certainly wrong but I quite like it and I would love to hear what you think, especially if you are a scientist!

Science ontology
First attempt at a science ontology

To give  a bit of context – the idea behind the ontology is to provide a relatively high level model to describe the scientific method so that organisations, such as the BBC, could structure their content (archive footage, news stories etc.) using the model. Continue reading “Science ontology”