The iPhone looks great but I hope they release one without the phone…

iPhoneThe iPhone looks just great – Apple have obviously spent a lot of time working on the iPhone’s UX. There are numerous features, both big and small (like slide to unlock), that I’m sure will make it a great device to use.

It is a great example of how art and engineering should come together to create a lovely piece of technology, I for one can’t wait for it to be launched in the UK.

But as lovely as it is I would like Apple to release an upgraded 80GB iPod with iPhone’s nice big multitouch screen, built in photo management software, camera etc.; but without the phone bit.

You see – I don’t want to always carry around a big ‘smart phone’; I like my mobile phone to be small, with great battery life. But I also want a better iPod to access my music, photos and video and it would be nice if it also had a good built in camera.

The trouble is I’m sure they won’t because of the price point of the iPhone ($499 & $599) vs the iPods ($249 & $349) means there isn’t room for such a device.

2 responses to “The iPhone looks great but I hope they release one without the phone…”


    If you see the link above, in between all the iPhone hype, you’ll find that apple is currently working on an ‘Mac OS enabled ipod’. I will be very surprised if by this holiday season it isn’t available. It will probably be what you and everyone else is expecting, the iPhone minus the phone.

  2. That would be great – I guess they will simply replace the existing iPod line?

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