Google Co-op search for BBC Radio and Music sites

For those that haven’t come across this already Google have a search service called Google Co-op that allows anyone to quickly and easily build their own specialised search engine. There are currently three parts to this service:

  1. Custom Search Engines
  2. Subscribed Links
  3. Topics

Custom Search Engine was relased last October and allows you to specify which sites to search, the search results can then be either restricted to just those sites or, give priority to those sites but also include the rest of the Google index.

Subscribed Links allows users to subscribe to services or ‘feeds’ (e.g. Digg) so that when you search for terms dealt with by that service their results are displayed at the top of your normal search results page.

Topics provide a mechanism to refine the search further with additional terms.

Anyway since I work for the Radio and Music bit of the BBC I thought I would put together this customised BBC Radio & Music search.

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One response to “Google Co-op search for BBC Radio and Music sites”

  1. Makes good sense. But i never thought of it. nice blog to visit. thanks

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