Peanut butter disproves evolution!

This guy appears to seriously believe that peanut butter disproves evolution! Yes that’s right folks, peanut butter is inert so that ‘obviously’ proves that evolution has been disproved.

Does he really believe this; or is he as stupid as he appears?

7 responses to “Peanut butter disproves evolution!”

  1. I’m fairly sure it’s a case of him being as stupid as he believes.

  2. You can add ‘poorly read’ to that list. Since when did the theory of evolution state that processed food could mysteriously spring to life like some sort of Lazarus Paste? The conditions under which life is supposed to have spontaneously emerged are far back in the earth’s history and characterised by chemical, electrical and temperature extremes which lead to the creation of the most basic amino acids. So there.

  3. I think that what he is saying is that peanutbutter has all of the qualities needed to produce life. It has more than the requisite amount of amino acids needed for life to exist, it is not too base or too acid, when it begins to seperate (because it is a mixture-an emulsion to be exact) certain areas in its body have high enough level of water to produce life and low enough levels of the fatty acids that can prevent life. The emulsion properties of peanut butter means that it has HDLs (High Density Lipoprotiens) which form “bubbles” with lipid tails oriented out and their protien heads pointing in, (much like a cell).
    The question we are looking for then is why hasn’t life form out of these little wonders? We have rudementary cell structures, we have protiens, we have nutritives such as fatty acids, amino acids and simple sugars, “why don’t the little buggers form dammit?!”
    I will argue that there is much that we do not know and that it will be a hard road to get to this knowledge. Any research that steers awway from the accepted is automatically labeled creationism. When will the truth be more important than the dogma?

  4. Sorry my EENGLEESH not so goot

  5. David

    There is indeed much that we don’t know – I guess the question is how best to find the answers. I believe that you do this by questioning, testing and modifying based on your findings. Not deciding what is ‘truth’ as a matter of faith.

    As for the ‘evidence’ that peanut butter disproves evolution. Consider the following: firstly how does he know! Has he or anyone looked? Biogensis if it had happened wouldn’t result in ants as implied by the video but rather very simple single ‘cells’. Secondly in the time frames we are talking about a 100 years or so is a very short period of time indeed and the volume of material we are talking about very small.

    Finally it’s worth remembering that even if someone came along with evidence that did disprove evolution (unlikely but theoretically possible) then that still wouldn’t prove creationism.

  6. These posers know nothing about the theory of evolution (as usual), which describes the origin of the SPECIES and is mum on the origin of life.

  7. @Greg I wouldn’t agree with that I think evolution has a lot to say about the matter. You should read Daniel Dennett’s book ‘Darwin’s Dangerous Idea’.

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