Graphing a website

Aharef has a nice app built using Processing (an open source visualization framework) that graphs the HTML of a webpage.

HTML consists of so-called tags, like the A tag for links, IMG tag for images and so on. Since tags are nested in other tags, they are arranged in a hierarchical manner, and that hierarchy can be represented as a graph.”

This is what looks like.

Graph of Derivadow’s HTML

And the BBC’s music site:

Graph of /Music’s HTML

And loads more graphs on Flickr.

3 responses to “Graphing a website”

  1. Check out the graph for Google’s homepage. Nice and small and simple.

  2. is nice and simple too. I do like the app – it’s interesting and the animation around the graph unfolding is cool – shame there’s not a practical use for it.

  3. thanks a lot for your help!

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