Links for 2007.11.21

» French nuclear test photos

French nuclear test codenamed Licorne, which was fired on August 24, 1970

» Plaxo’s Personal Card: Early Pulse Results: “Open” is Good for Business

Launch of OpenSocial does wonders for Plaxo’s social network service.

» Pandora now has classical music

As with all previous Pandora ideas, you can type in the name of your favorite composer to create a station.

» Why OpenSocial Disappoints

From initial passes at the APIs, OpenID will integrate quite nicely with OpenSocial, but the fact that OpenSocial has limited itself to interop and exchange between walled-gardens and silos severely limits its value to the user.

» What’s wrong with homeopathy, by Ben Goldacre | Science | The Guardian

Time after time, properly conducted scientific studies have proved that homeopathic remedies work no better than simple placebos. So why do so many sensible people swear by them? And why do homeopaths believe they are victims of a smear campaign?

» Walk Score

Shows you what’s nearby, within walking distance, of any house or flat. Then gives you a score.

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