Find and Play BBC Programmes

Sorry for all the BBC news recently – but I thought you might like to know that we’ve just integrated the embedded Flash iPlayer into the BBC’s programme site.Doctor Who episode pageThis means that you are now able to ‘find and play’ both BBC Radio and TV content in one location. It also means that you can bookmark you favourite TV or radio programme to find the latest episode.

Thanks to Paul, Duncan, Jamie, Michael and Steve for all their work in getting this done in record time.

8 responses to “Find and Play BBC Programmes”

  1. My pleasure :) We had fun on Thursday and Friday getting this one live.

  2. Awesome. Thanks guys!

  3. oi, the /programmes embedded iplayer it’s stopped working cos you’re now demanding v9 of the flash player, whereas iPlayer itself works for with my Flash v8 plugin on this Mac

  4. Oops! Sorry about that Tom – our mistake. We’ll fix that on the next release. Thanks for letting us know.

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  6. […] on a bit of a roll at the moment with our work on /programmes, so quick on the heals of the work to integrate iPlayer and programme credits onto our episode pages I’m chuffed to announce another batch of new […]

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