Link for 2008.01.02

» When thinking changes your mind, that’s philosophy. When God changes your mind, that’s faith. When facts change your mind, that’s science [O’Reilly Radar]
Tim O’Reilly changed his mind about social software

» End of Support for Netscape web browsers [The Netscape Blog]
AOL to finally pull the plug on Netscape. Netscape never recovered from browser wars with Microsoft – of course it didn’t help they went to battle with a broken stick aka Netscape 4.7.

» Eyetracking research highlights the importance of the resource []
Appears to show that people focus on the centre of the page and then the ‘more info/related content boxes’ and only a cursory glance at the left hand nav – possibly to help locate themselves on the site, not for navigation?

» Steve Furber one designers of the BBC Micro and ARM processor made a CBE [BBC]
The BBC micro was my first computer and got me hooked on computing and technology – and I know lots of others that owe a similar dept to Steve.

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