links for 2008-05-27

2 responses to “links for 2008-05-27”

  1. Darren Johnstone Avatar
    Darren Johnstone

    What about 1Xtra? noticed this last week, seems to be the same format as the programmes pages, and when you click a show, it goes to the programmes website

    Hopefully it will be used much more, makes sense to have more information about the shows, and presenting it in a consistent way is a winner with me.

    PS, not too sure about your new design, textbox font is a little too small, and the blog layout a bit confusing at first.

  2. @Darren – yes the 1Xtra schedule and pages from there are also from /programmes. We’re in the process of migrating all the radio networks, TV channels and major TV brands at the moment.

    Sorry to hear you’re not getting on with the design of the blog. I’ll make he text box font bigger.

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