Interesting stuff for 2008-08-02

'Ice Queen' the first time scientists have been able to monitor Martian ice at a place where temperatures are cold enough that the ice doesn't immediately sublimate, or vaporize, away.

MarsPhoenix reports it finds, collects and measures a sample of water on Mars [twitter]
“An ice-containing sample made it into the TEGA oven. I can now say I’m the first mission to Mars to touch and then *taste* the water. FTW!”

Has A Surfer/Snowboarder Who Lives In A Van Rewritten Physics? Maybe [Outside Online]
To be honest I have no idea whether there’s anything in this but I love the idea and I think it’s fantastic that this sort of work can be carried out on the slopes rather than the lab.

Matthew’s announcement about the new artist pages
Gives a good editorial perspective and a bit of light relief from all the tech :)

More info on our work on the recent BBC music site [BBC Radio Labs Blog]
More info on the API.

BBC Music/MusicBrainz bookmarklet []
Makes navigating the new BBC artist pages easier – a bookmarklet that flips between MusicBrainz and bbc/music.

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