Interesting stuff from around the web 2008-08-21

Tag on Tim Berners-Lee's original NeXT machine -- first Web server [by Robert Scoble Used under licence.]
"Tag on Tim Berners-Lee original NeXT machine – the first Web server" by Robert Scoble, used under licence
An ontology to modeling dynamic online presence [The Online Presence Project]
Having a presence ontology could be used to facilitate the integration of online presence data from various sources, or help in transferring data from one service to another. Interesting join to the Music Ontology.

MOAT (Meaning Of A Tag) provides a Semantic Web framework to publish semantically-annotated content from free-tagging
It aims to solve this by providing a way for users to define meaning(s) of their tags using URIs of Semantic Web resources (such as URIs from dbpedia, geonames … or any knowledge base), and then annotate content with those URIs rather than free-text tags.

Wikipedia Miner lets you query Wikipedia to resolve terms to their relevant topics and navigate the categories and links that organize them
Wikipedia Miner is a toolkit for navigating and making use of the structure and content of Wikipedia. It aims to make it very easy for you to integrate Wikipedia’s content into your own applications.

‘Semantic Web at the BBC’ workshop [BBC Internet Blog]
Nice write up from Silver – including Michael and Matt’s ‘brief introduction to the semantic web’, Alex talking about MOAT and Dan Brickley considering how OpenID might fit in.

Music APIs – Yahoo! make theirs available and someone else starts to use the BBC’s

iPlayer Real Converter
Easy access to the BBC radios’ Real streams. Nice work and handy for those that like their audio via Real.

Y! Music Battle of the APIs in the Key of Ruby [Yahoo! Developer Network Blog]
Yahoo! release a RESTful API to Yahoo! Music. Limited to 5,000 requests per day and for non commercial use. Nice though.

Finally some more news on the LHC

CERN are going to start up the Large Hadron Collider – Here’s how It plans to stop it [IEEE Spectrum]
The experiment will hurtle two hair-thin beams of hundreds of trillions of protons around a ring-shaped accelerator at 99.99 percent the speed of light, each unimpeded beam is capable of melting a 500-kilogram block of copper. Since malfunction could lead to a catastrophic accident we should be thankfully CERN has spent nearly two decades devising an interlocking system of fail-safes.

3 responses to “Interesting stuff from around the web 2008-08-21”

  1. Thanks for the mention! I’m eagerly awaiting the next batch of improvements to the /programmes data so I can do even more clever things.

    Top of the wishlist would be an XML version of the /player data. For example: to get all the drama radio programmes that are on Listen Again at the moment.

  2. Completely agree with Andrew – ability to get by genre lists in the xml availability format is top of my list too!

  3. @Andrew and @Triode – yes understood. There are a lot of these sort of views that we need to put in place (e.g. …/formats/documentaries/player.xml).

    We know we have got a wee bit out of sync so there are currently a number of html views without corresponding machine representations and visa versa.

    Sorting this out is a priority (albeit not the only one!) so you should see the gaps being filled in soon.

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