Interesting stuff from around the web 2008-09-08

BBC hackers

Get BBC Radio on-demands via iTunes with radio2daap [Google Code]
Brought to you from Matt’s bedroom “an rtmp/ daap proxy to expose on-demand Flash radio as an iTunes shared library. For purposes of demonstration it’s exposing BBC national radio.”

Under the hood of Radio Pop [BBC Radio Labs]
OpenID, OAuth, APML and an open API all that and a great web app! Brilliant work from the R&D team (Chris and Tristan).

Taking the Proms to the semantic web [BBC – Radio Labs]
Michael’s hacking with around 112 years of historical Proms data. As you would expect a cool app and a cool approach – letting people see the site develop in the public eye – a genuine public beta.

… find out more and follow the development of Michael’s work on twitter

Mashing up BBC data

Live From Abbey Road is making use of the BBC’s album reviews which are licensed under Creative Commons
Nice to see other people using our data to build useful things.

Some more thoughts about Google Chrome

Google Chrome and the future of browsers [FactoryCity]
I read announcement as the kid gloves coming off. I just can’t read this any other way than to think that Google’s finally fed up waiting around for Firefox to get their act together, fix their performance issues in serious ways, provide tangible and near-term vision and make good on their ultimate promise and value-proposition.

Google Chrome: Impressive! Innovative! Incomplete! [Technologizer]
It’s way too early to declare that Chrome is really a rival to Windows rather than IE, but if traditional desktop applications continue to migrate to the Web and Google is serious about making Chrome the best browser to run them in, the idea of Chrome morphing into the Google OS that folks have talked about for years isn’t crazy.

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