Safari for Windows

Matt seems to me to have the answer for why Apple released Safari on Windows:

There is only one reason Apple released Safari for Windows and that is because they were forced to. By making the iPhone development environment web based apps only they had to release Safari for Windows so people could test their applications.”

As Justin Williams points out:

With the announcement of the iPhone SDK being based on Safari, Apple was forced to put Safari on Windows, so they could attract Windows developers to build iPhone applications. By having the barrier to iPhone development as low as, building a Web application, it wouldn’t make sense for Apple to only allow Mac using developers to build those applications.

Safari is a gateway to iPhone development.”

It may also explain why Apple chose to enforced their font rendering instead of using the native Windows sub-pixel approach ClearType.

The iPhone looks great but I hope they release one without the phone…

iPhoneThe iPhone looks just great – Apple have obviously spent a lot of time working on the iPhone’s UX. There are numerous features, both big and small (like slide to unlock), that I’m sure will make it a great device to use.

It is a great example of how art and engineering should come together to create a lovely piece of technology, I for one can’t wait for it to be launched in the UK.

But as lovely as it is I would like Apple to release an upgraded 80GB iPod with iPhone’s nice big multitouch screen, built in photo management software, camera etc.; but without the phone bit.

You see – I don’t want to always carry around a big ‘smart phone’; I like my mobile phone to be small, with great battery life. But I also want a better iPod to access my music, photos and video and it would be nice if it also had a good built in camera.

The trouble is I’m sure they won’t because of the price point of the iPhone ($499 & $599) vs the iPods ($249 & $349) means there isn’t room for such a device.