Google working on a new JavaScript engine (hopefully, maybe)

I’ve just got home from a very enjoyable few days at SPA 2007, where Dave Thomas was one of the keynote speakers. As anyone who has heard Dave speak will know, he has some strong views on the direction and utility of different languages (in particular UML, Java and Dynamic Programming Languages); and he is one of the founding members of the agile manifesto. So when I ended up sitting next to him at dinner one night I was excited to learn a bit more about his ideas and experience in managing large scale agile projects and the future of programming.

So this is what he thought: Next year Google will launch a JavaScript engine that will result in a massive ramp-up in performance – such that it is at least as fast as Java is today! Wow! And that Microsoft will then be forced to respond and follow suit. He thought that, initially, the engine would be designed as an application to run on the desktop, but as Dave Thomas pointed out, if JavaScript applications can run as fast as Java apps why not run it on the server too?

Obviously this would makes a lot of sense for Google – and fits well with Steve Yegge’s post about the next big language.

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