Link for 2007.12.29

» Size Is The Enemy aka “Java is the problem” because Java is a statically typed language, it requires lots of tedious, repetitive boilerplate code to get things done [Coding Horror]
Jeff Atwood’s review of Steve Yegge’s Code’s Worst Enemy: “One of the most fundamental and truly effective pieces of advice you can give a software development team – any software development team – is to write less code, by any means necessary.”

» Ruby 1.9—Right for You? [PragDave]
It’s faster, importantly it supports unicode – but on the downside it’s not backwardly compatible in a few areas and is a development release that’s not ready for production use.

» Google Phone In Spring 2008? [GigaOM]
Google, apparently has taken substantial amount of floor space at the upcoming Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona, Spain, leading some to speculate that the company might actually be ready to launch its Android based phones.

» Comet: Low Latency Data for the Browser [Continuing Intermittent Incoherency]
Comet applications can deliver data to the client at any time, not only in response to user input. The data is delivered over a single, previously-opened connection.

» Comet works, and it’s easier than you think [Simon Willison]
“Before taking a detailed look at Comet, my assumption was that the amount of complexity involved meant it was out of bounds to all but the most dedicated JavaScript hackers. I’m pleased to admit that I was wrong: Comet is probably about 90% of the way to being usable for mainstream projects, and the few remaining barriers (Bayeux authentication chief amongst them) are likely to be solved before too long.”

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