Programmes Ontology at XTech 2008

This year’s XTech conference in Dublin, Ireland will see a gathering of software engineers, information designers, and managers that work with web and standards-based technologies looking at the worlds of web development, open source, Web 2.0 and open standards.

Over the last few months our corner of the BBC has been working on a couple of projects that aim to expose BBC metadata for others to use: Programmes and Music. Our work on the new music site isn’t quite ready for public consumption yet, but programmes has been up and running since last autumn. So a few of us thought that we should share what we’ve been up to, why we’ve done what we’ve done and hear what folk think of it all.

Our hope is that by exposing our data in a variety of accessible forms (including ATOM, JSON, XML and RDF) other developers can do interesting stuff with it. If you would like to find out a bit more you can read my previous post about the ontology, the abstract for XTech or better still come and listen to Nick and myself in Dublin on the 8th May.

Photo: Somewhere in Dublin, by pierofix. Used under licence.

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