Interesting Stuff from around the web 2008-08-15

The telegraph room at the original Mundaneum in Brussels

The Mundaneum Museum Honors the First Concept of the World Wide Web []
In 1934, Otlet sketched out plans for a global network of computers (or “electric telescopes,” as he called them) that would allow people to search and browse through millions of interlinked documents, images, audio and video files.

If this can be made to work this will be massive [MIT News Office]
Inspired by the photosynthesis performed by plants, Nocera and Matthew Kanan, a postdoctoral fellow in Nocera’s lab, have developed an unprecedented process that will allow the sun’s energy to be used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. Later, the oxygen and hydrogen may be recombined inside a fuel cell, creating carbon-free electricity to power your house or your electric car, day or night.

Date set for Large Hadron Collider switch on []
The first beams will be fired from the device on September 10 and its massive data grid will begin collecting data and analysing particles formed as the beams smash together.

Some BBC stuff…

BBC news trialing something new – inline links []
It uses technology from to add in page pop ups. It’s a time limited trial to see what folk think.

MusicBrainz Releases missing release dates []
The BBC is moving as much music information as possible out of internal BBC databases and into MusicBrainz. If you would like to help by adding release dates to MusicBrainz releases that we have written reviews for that would be great!

And finally another top rant from Stevey…

Business Requirements are Bullshit [Stevey’s Blog Rants]
“For our Case Study, I will not do any research and the product will be entirely fictional. This is the approach used by most real companies… Don’t gather business requirements: hire domain experts.”

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